QA3 Emergency Stretcher

Anetic Aid widens QA3 stretcher range

We all hear the statistics that show people generally, and therefore patients, are getting heavier. 

Responding to this, the design team at Anetic Aid has developed a new model in its popular QA3 Patient Stretcher and Emergency Stretcher range, specifically for the bariatric market. 

The QA3 <800> has an extended width patient platform, 800mm, hence its name. 

Like all QA3s, it has a 320kg weight capacity, but uniquely, it is fitted with a newly specified version of the K8 pressure care mattress: the core is made from high quality density foam which has a castellated formation, helping to relieve pressure by reducing the surface area the patient is lying on. The castellation also improves air circulation within the mattress, reducing the surface temperature, and therefore perspiration. 

The foam still has the traditional K8's antibacterial and microbial fungistatic properties, plus the latex-free, 4-way stretch polyurethane (PU) outer cover which allows the skin to breathe – for greater patient comfort. 

All K8 mattresses have an ultrasonic sealing system which effectively welds the seams of the outer cover material together to give an almost unbreakable seal, making the K8 a class leader in infection control. 

Pressure care in ICU

Another area where pressure care is particularly important is in ICU: the departments playing a hugely significant role for the COVID-19 patients who need intensive care support. 

Anetic Aid is the exclusive distributor for Trulife gel products including the Oasis+, Oasis Elite, Oasis and Azure ranges. 

Said Product Manager Mark Lee:  

We know the head and the heels need to be protected from developing pressure sores during the inevitable periods of immobility when a patient is being treated in intensive care.

The anatomy of the heel – its combination of nerves and lack of soft tissue over the bone – make it one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, particularly when the patient is in a supine position.

We are pulling out all the stops to get supplies of our head, heel and ankle supports to our customers as quickly as we can.

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