AT4 Tourniquet System

Green Explanation for our Toe-niquet™ packaging

Our single-use digit tourniquets – the Toe-niquet™ – are produced in two pack options for a specific reason. 

There is one of each of the Small (8mm) and Medium (11mm) sizes in one pack and one each of the and Large (14mm) and Extra Large (17mm) in the other. 

The reason for this is that it can be difficult to judge exactly what size is needed, and it also takes into account that the most expensive element of production is in the sterile packaging, rather than in the Toe-niquet™ itself. Therefore, having the two options in one pack is actually more cost effective in the long run. 

Explained Regional Account Manager for the South West Will Barnes: 

Whether there are one or two Toe-niquet™ in the pack, the sterilisation, packaging and logistics costs would be the same – but this way, people only need to stock two size options instead of four – and if they find they need the alternative size, it’s already there, without needing to open another package.

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