QA4™ Mobile Surgery Platform

The QA4™ Mobile Surgery Platform is perfect for pre-treatment & post-treatment patient transport, as a platform during therapeutic treatment and for post treatment recovery.

The Benefits

From patient transport to treatment

Moving and Handling

With no need to transfer to and from an operating table, the risk of manual handling injuries is reduced

Infection Control

With every device removed from the surgical pathway, so is an element of residual risk associated with cross-contamination

Surgical versatility

To truly meet the brief, the device has to meet the requirements of the full basket of procedures

Whole cycle solution

The one-device approach for transport, treatment and recovery with extraordinary potential and benefits

The model for your every need

QA4™ Mobile Surgery Platform

With remotely-activated powered functions, the QA4™ Mobile Surgery Platform offers full ‘C’ arm coverage, superior surgical access and exceptional stability.

  • Electrically powered functions
  • Superior surgical access
  • Traversing patient platform
  • 100% ‘C’ arm access
  • Lateral tilt
  • 550lb Patient weight capacity
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Accessorise your QA4

Customise the QA4™ to suit your departments requirements with our range of accessories.

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