The “one-device” ASC Pathway

Mobile Surgery Platform

Pre-op – Procedure – Recovery. Eliminate Patient Transfers in the OR

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Our vision

Ultimate efficiency, versatility and safety

Eliminate patient transfers

  With no need to transfer to and from an operating table, the risk of manual handling injuries is reduced  

Improve OR turnover time – shorten every case

  The one-device approach for transport, treatment and recovery with extraordinary potential and benefits  

Reduce the risk of cross contamination

 With every device removed from the surgical pathway, so is an element of residual risk associated with cross-contamination  


QA4™ Mobile Surgery Platform

What can Anetic Aid deliver?

The total solution for the modern ASC

Safe – Effective - Proven

We work closely with clinicians to continously develop and improve our products  

Surgical Versatility

To truly meet the brief, the device has to meet the requirements of the full basket of procedures  

Quality we stand by

We create medical equipment to the highest standards of innovation, materials and workmanship - we are certified against the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 and we're FDA registered  


QA4™ Mobile Surgery Platform

Why is Anetic’s mobile surgery platform different?

This is not just a mobile surgery platform

Powered functions

With remotely-activated powered functions, the QA4™ Mobile Surgery Platform offers full ‘C’ arm coverage, superior surgical access and exceptional stability  

Sliding patient litter top

A unique feature for a mobile surgery platform, this feature enhances it's surgical versatility

550lb patient weight capacity

To cater for a broad spectrum of patients

QA4™ Mobile Surgery Platform

The “one-device” approach to the ASC Pathway

  • Powered functions
  • Surgically versatile
  • Eliminates patient transfer
  • Shortens every case

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