QA3 Patient Stretcher

New QA3 Ophthalmic Stretcher launched!

Surgical access is essential for any surgery, and particularly important in ophthalmics: Anetic Aid’s new, dedicated QA3 stretcher offers this together with exceptional patient comfort. 

The design features a shaped and re-sculptured backrest and a dual-articulating headrest (with a specially shaped cushion and padded neck plate, providing movement in three different planes before it is locked firmly into place). 

Together, these elements give the platform 585mm of clearance underneath the head and back section for optimal surgical access from both a superior and temporal approach. 

Powered positioning 

And there are other benefits too – not least the powered positioning, which minimises lifting and handling risks for practitioners dealing with increasing patient weights. 

The entire stretcher platform and the backrest can be raised or lowered electronically from the panel at the foot end – and additional powered positioning includes independent knee flex, and knee flex combined with backrest elevation, for patient comfort during recovery.  

Patient transport and operating table   

Another moving and handling advantage is that the stretcher combines the functions of patient transport and operating table - now widely recognised as a positive aspect in both day surgery and increasingly in mainstream theatre. The QA3’s side rails fold away completely under the platform and it has the lowest height option of any stretcher on the market for easy patient mount/dismount, as well as being light and highly manoeuvrable. 

The practice of using just one platform also supports infection control, thanks to reduced contacts and transfers and fewer items of equipment required for the patient journey. The 700mm wide K8 pressure care mattress, fitted as standard, has antibacterial properties – and its memory foam construction is another feature which aids patient comfort. 

Development based on practitioner insight 

The QA3 Ophthalmic Stretcher underwent extensive trials for procedures including cataract, detached retina and oculoplastics during its development and prototype phases, and the design was refined following feedback from surgeons, anaesthetists, nursing and ODP staff in some of the UK’s renowned specialist ophthalmic units. 

To request a demo of the Ophthalmic Stretcher, contact us.

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