Replacement Mattress with Waterproof Zip - K8 Pressure Care

Product Code: 21186
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A replacement K8 Pressure Care mattress for your QA3™ Patient or Emergency Stretcher. Manufactured from the highest specifications, the K8 Pressure Care mattress offers superb comfort, support and consistently low pressure mapping mmHg over an extended period of time. Our QA3™ mattresses are supplied as standard with a waterproof, flap covered zip, to allow for convenient inspection of the internal foam core. Is this the right QA3™ mattress for your trolley? If you check your QA3™ serial number and it's higher than 11680 then this is the mattress for you.

Weight 7.5kg
Length 2025mm (79.7”)
Width 700mm (27.6”)
Depth 90mm (3.5”)