QA3™ Emergency Department Patient Stretcher

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About the QA3™ Emergency Department Patient Stretcher

Specially designed for Emergency Departments

Compact, light weight and supremely manoeuvrable – the complete solution for any emergency department. Specially designed for Emergency Departments with radiotranslucent platform, offering exceptional X-ray access, the QA3™ is robust and has maximum patient comfort built in with its exceptional low height and exceptional K8 Pressure care mattress.

Transport - Treatment - Recovery
Safe - Effective - Proven


Patient comfort – exceptional low height capability and store away cot sides for easy mount/dismount particularly for elderly patients.


X Ray translucent platform – full length radio translucent platform suitable for digital or traditional plates


Advanced braking – exceptionally stable platform, advanced single bar braking system allows all four castors to be braked simultaneously from either side of the trolley.


Two fixed transfusion pole – innovative quick release safety locking mechanism, integrates into either head or foot end of cot sides for easy access and storage


Ergonomically positioned pushing handle


K8 pressure care mattress – body mould foam, anti bacterial and latex free


Hydraulic lift mechanism – exceptional low height capability, adjusted by means of independently operating pedals located on both sides of the trolley.


Infection control – smooth moulded surfaces and acrylic capped vac forming’s enclose the trolley mechanics to minimise dirt traps.


Min Height 535mm (exc. mattress)
Max Height 835mm (exc. mattress)
Dimensions L2150 x W805mm
Weight 148kg
Maximum patient weight 320kg

Build Options

We stock a range of build options to tailor to your clinical needs including foot-end pushing handles, oxygen cylinder brackets, x-ray tray guides, department I.D and more.


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