AT4™ Electronic Tourniquet System

Product Code: 40080
About the AT4™

Ideal for single or bi-lateral orthopaedic surgery and pain management

Intuitive and simple to use.

Compact, light weight and robust, offering advanced technology combined with maximum safety and reliability.

The AT4™ Electronic Tourniquet is a truly independent device operating from its own integral air supply, so no need for air supply hoses, medical air cylinders or power leads. Engineered to use minimum power, the 25 hour battery can be in use all day without the need to recharge until the end of the list. The battery provides more than back-up: it’s independence and reliability.

The Tourniquet has sensitive leak compensation facilities as well as automatic self-diagnostic checks on start-up, which means it is calibrated every time it is switched on. Cuff channel hoses and displays are all colour coded for ease of recognition.

Safe - Effective - Proven


Truly independent - device operates from its own integral air supply, so no need for air supply hoses, medical air cylinders or power leads


Automatic self-diagnostic checks. On start-up and throughout use


Colour coded dual channel system. From controls to cuff - single or dual channel operation


Precision controlled regulators. User-friendly, simple to use controls


Positive feel push buttons. Inflate / deflate functions


Bright OLED Independent displays. Pre-select and actual cuff pressure readings


Pressure range – 600 mmHg


Visual and audible warnings. For battery, leaks and calibration


Internal power supply. Rechargeable battery that lasts all day – not just battery backup


Dimensions W350 x D385 x H1055mm
Control panel W275 x D205mm
Accuracy +/-2.5mmHg
Pressure range 0 to 600mmHg
Mains supply 230V 50-60 Hz / 110-120V 50-60 Hz
Battery 12V 6.5Ah gel cell VRLA
Battery capacity 24 hours (conditional)
Electrical safety Earth connection EN IEC 60601-1 Class 1
Cuff supply hosing 1.75 metres Fre-Thane® Polyurethane
Hose connectors Acetal non-valved 1/8 flow in-line plug & thumb latch socket
Castors Ø65mm
Weight 17kg
IP rating IP41

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