QA4 Surgery System

Combining pressure care and infection control

Pressure care and infection control are top priorities in a patient mattress – even low tech Continuous Low Pressure (CLP) versions used on patient trolleys, stretchers and operating tables.

The key is finding the most effective combination of materials and construction at a reasonable cost: such as Anetic Aid’s independently tested K8 pressure care mattress.

Evidence suggests any patient undergoing surgery for more than three hours faces a risk of developing pressure sores, due to immobility during the operation and use of anaesthesia. Our research and experience suggests:

  • A significant proportion of the overall depth of the foam core should be a minimum density of 48kg/m³ and 210 N hardness high quality elastic foam

  • Only a small proportion of the overall depth of the foam core should be given to viscoelastic foam which should be a minimum density of 58kg/m³ and 70 N hardness


  • High risk pressure care mattress

  • Independently tested

  • Latex free

  • Antibacterial / vapour permeable

  • Welded seams

  • X-ray translucent

For more details on our K8 Mattress, please contact us here. Alternatively, you can download our K8 Mattress leaflet below.

download the K8 Mattress leaflet.

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