QA3 Emergency Stretcher

History repeated after 30 years…

There was a touch of déjà vu for one of Anetic Aid’s Service Engineers a few weeks ago…

Steve Barker’s granddaughter, Elsie, ended up on a QA3 Emergency Stretcher after falling and breaking her wrist while on holiday in the New Forest.

Steve’s daughter Amy (Elsie’s mum) sent him a photo of the plucky 9-year-old when she was admitted to hospital to have the fracture manipulated and plastered…. mirroring another photograph he had taken 30 years ago of Amy herself on a previous version of the trolley, the QA2.

Explained Steve: ‘On the first occasion it was just a promotional shot to demonstrate what was then our ‘new’ trolley, while this time we needed the trolley for ‘real’ … but it felt a bit ironic all the same.’

‘I’m pleased to say Elsie’s on the mend now, thanks to the great team at Salisbury District Hospital – which is also one of the Trusts I look after on the service and maintenance side. 

‘It seems they just can’t get away from Anetic Aid and the Barker family!’

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