QA4 Surgery System

International Infection Prevention Week 2021

Infection control has always been a key consideration in the design of medical equipment – and the pandemic has emphasised its importance even more.

It is a key attribute of the QA4™ Mobile Surgery System, not least because the use of a single device for the patient journey - transport, treatment and recovery – means there is less risk of cross infection.

The K8 pressure care mattress fitted to the trolley is made from two foam elements – a combination designed to distribute the patient’s weight as evenly as possible across the surface area. This minimises the risk of pressure sores, a particular concern when the patient is immobile during surgery. Both foam elements have antibacterial and microbial fungistatic properties – and the latex-free, outer cover to each mattress is also made of an anti-microbacterial, water resistant, vapour permeable material. This means it is not only contamination-resistant, but it also allows the skin to breathe – for greater patient comfort 

Finally, our unique ultrasonic sealing system effectively welds the seams of the outer cover material together to give an almost unbreakable seal, making the K8 a class leader in infection control.

The K8 mattress is also fitted as standard to all models in our QA3 Patient and Emergency Stretcher ranges – and we use the same construction for the pads on many of our Operating Table Accessories.

Hygiene considerations are built into our trolley ranges in other ways too – smooth moulded surfaces and acrylic capped vac formings enclose steering mechanisms and electronics to minimise dirt traps and make them easy to clean.

And it doesn’t stop there: our stainless steel furniture range isn’t just mechanically polished – it’s electropolished. This process produces products with an even smoother surface – removing crests and valleys invisible to the naked eye – making it less likely that any matter such as dirt or bacteria will adhere to the surface of the steel. 

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