QA3™ Ophthalmic Stretcher

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About the QA3™ Ophthalmic Stretcher

Outstanding surgical access - exceptional patient comfort

Outstanding surgical access with exceptional patient comfort - Compact, light weight and supremely manoeuvrable – the complete solution for ophthalmology. Ideal for patient transport, intubation, theatre and recovery, the QA3™ Ophthalmic has been designed with the patient and the clinician in mind

Transport - Treatment - Recovery
Safe - Effective - Proven


Exceptional Surgical Access - With a low-profile depth sculpted backrest, sculpted shoulder area free from function operating handles and it’s low-profile positioning headrest, exceptional surgical access and leg room are achieved.


Powered functions - Four powered functions – platform raise and lower, back rest, KneeFlex and Profile - as well as CPR return


Removable dual articulating headrest - Articulating not only on the head section, but also the neck as well, this innovative, intuitive and easy to use head positioner offers superb surgical positioning, surgical access and patient comfort.


Exceptional patient comfort - Low height of 475mm (excluding mattress) store away side rails allowing for easier mount/dismount particularly frail and elderly patients and a versatile positioning headrest. Wide patient platform and pressure care mattress for comfort.


Vertically operated safety side rails - Store away under the mattress improving the ease of mounting and dismounting the stretcher for the patient.


Press on / Press off 5th wheel steer - Our unique mechanism ensures maximum manoeuvrability and means the QA3 is easily guided by one support worker.


Trendelenburg tilt - Extremely smooth and controlled hydraulic mechanism, even at lowest height


K8 pressure care mattress - Manufactured from temperature-sensitive gel feel foam that moulds to the patient’s body shape, relieving pressure by distributing the load as evenly as possible. Outer material is anti-microbacterial, water resistant, vapour permeable and latex free


Surgical access 585mm
Min Height 475mm (exc. Mattress)
Max Height 775mm (exc. Mattress)
Dimensions L2150 x W805mm
Weight 154.5kg
Maximum patient weight 320kg

Build Options

We stock a range of build options to tailor to your clinical needs including foot-end pushing handles, oxygen cylinder brackets, x-ray tray guides, department I.D and more.

Specialist Bariatric options with an extended patient platform (800mm) are available on all QA3™ models.


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