QA3™ Treatment Stretcher

Product Code: 21117
About the QA3™ Treatment Stretcher

Supreme comfort, optimal positioning and optimal access

Supreme comfort, optimal positioning and optimal access for a wide range of clinical treatments - the QA3™ Treatment Stretcher offers both the user and the patient an improved clinical journey.

Transport - Treatment - Recovery
Safe - Effective - Proven


Extended height capacity - increased platform height now at 875mm.


Outstanding surgical access - where space in treatment rooms can be at a premium, the compact design is particularly valuable for procedures such as gastroscopy, colonoscopy and cardiac catherisation.


Powered functions - six powered functions - platform raise and lower, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, back rest, KneeFlex and profile - as well as CPR return.


Exceptional patient comfort - low height of 495mm (excl. Mattress) store away side rails allowing for easier mount / dismount for particularly frail and elderly patients. Wide patient platform and pressure care mattress for comfort.


Vertically operated safety side rails - Store away under the mattress, improving the ease of mounting and dismounting the stretcher for the patient.


Press on / Press off 5th wheel steer - Our unique mechanism ensures maximum manoeuvrability and means the QA3 is easily guided by one support worker.


K8 Pressure Care Mattress - Manufactured from temperature-sensitive gel feel foam that moulds to the patient's body shape, relieving pressure by distributing the load as evenly as possible. Outer material is anti-microbacterial, water resistant, vapour permeable and latex free.


Min Height 495mm (excl. Mattress)
Max Height 875mm (excl. Mattress)
Dimensions L2150mm x W905mm
Weight 141kg
Maximum Patient Weight 320kg
Backrest 0 to 70°
Trendelenburg 0 to 12°
Reverse Trendelenburg 0 to 10°
KneeFlex 0 to 30°

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