The Gardiner Hand Surgery System™

The Gardiner Hand Surgery System™

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Developed in conjunction with consultant plastic and hand surgeon Matthew Gardiner and Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, The Gardiner Hand Surgery System™ is the perfect solution for high volume, low complexity hand surgery.

This positioning system allows the patient to undergo treatment in a comfortable seated position, enabling the WALANT (wide awake local anaesthetic no tourniquet) approach for carpal tunnel decompression, trigger finger release, flexor tendon repair, extensor tendon repair, tenolysis, fracture fixation, steroid injection, trapeziectomy, de Quervain’s release, nail bed trauma, digital nerve repair and excision of skin lesion.

The Gardiner Hand Surgery System™ includes the hand surgery table, flexible screen pole and visibility screen.

*NOTE: Clamps and QA4™ Mobile Surgery system shown sold separately.*

Dimensions L730mm x W335mm
Weight (Hand Table) 2.8kg
Safe working load (Hand Table) 25kg