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Anetic Aid extends Operating Table Accessory range

Already well known as a designer and manufacturer of quality medical products, Anetic Aid also acts as a distributor for a number of highly specialised operating table accessories.

Three new examples have recently been added to the company’s portfolio, all of which complement its existing range. 

The first is the ‘Hip Fix’ from Danish experts Opitek. Explained Anetic Aid Product Manager Mark Lee: ‘Total hip replacement is an exacting surgical technique and advances in technology, new materials and biomechanics have made it increasingly important for orthopaedic surgeons to be able to accurately orientate the implant components. 

‘The Hip Fix has stabilising arms which fix the patient’s body in the lateral position at three points - both sides of the iliac crest plus the sacrum, giving the surgeon maximum access while maintaining total stability. And while the position is rigidly maintained, there is no external pressure on the abdomen, ensuring greater patient comfort. 

‘As a company, we recognise the importance of infection control – and the Hip Fix supports this too as it is fitted with single use pads for each new procedure, reducing the risk of cross-contamination, which is vital for such an invasive surgical procedure.’ 

Another Scandinavian product which is now available from Anetic Aid is the Rotating Armboard from Swedish manufacturer Reison.  Ideal for a wide range of surgical procedures, this tried and tested armboard is easily manoeuvred into the desired position without stress to either the shoulder or elbow joint. 

It has a one-handed ball joint release mechanism and rotating hook-on clamp which are both easy to use and highly secure. … and finally, Anetic Aid has added another model to its suite of Allen Amatech Lift-AssistTM Lithotomy Stirrups. The unique design of the Finned Elite Stirrup, with its ‘fin’-shaped support at the knee and squeeze grip handle, offers even greater control when manoeuvring patients of up to 227kg.  

The new model sits between the Standard stirrups, which have a weight capacity of 159kg and the Heavy Duty stirrups which can take patient weights of up to 327kg. 

Said Mark Lee: ‘We are delighted to be working with these companies which share our values of quality and professionalism and enable us to provide an even wider range of products to our customers.’ 

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