QA4 Surgery System

The concept behind our QA4 Mobile Surgery System

The benefits of a trolley that can be both patient transport and operating table are being increasingly recognised for both day surgery and mainstream theatre.

Manual handling – and all its inherent risk to patients and practitioners – is massively reduced when a patient can get onto a trolley themselves, ready to be wheeled through the anaesthetic room, to the operating theatre and then on to recovery.

The practice also aids infection control, thanks to reduced contacts and transfers and fewer items of equipment.

The concept behind Anetic Aid’s QA4 Mobile Surgery System encompasses all of these aspects combined with a surgical access that is superior to any other surgical stretcher on the market.

Surgical versatility

The QA4 is highly manoeuvrable, and comes in both manual and powered options with the latter offering a fully traversing platform and lateral tilt. Both models can be used for a wide range of surgical specialisms from ophthalmology and ENT to orthopaedics, gynae, urology, vascular and general surgery. This versatility comes thanks to a unique combination of Build Options, developed to enable purchasers to tailor their QA4 model for particular surgical specialisms, and an extensive range of Optional Extras and Operating Table Accessories.

The Build Options include adding items like department identification (to help prevent equipment migrating to other parts of the hospital!), oxygen cylinder brackets and paper roll holders all of which have to be included during the assembly process. Other options offered are alternatives to the standard head rests and leg sections which customise the QA4 for specific uses – such as the Dual-articulating Headrest which includes a specially shaped cushion and padded neck plate, ideal for ophthalmic procedures.

These specialist Head Rests and Leg Sections, which can easily be swapped for the standard items, can also be found in our Optional Extras range, so one QA4 can be used for multiple specialisms.

And many other items from our Operating Table Accessories range can also attach to the QA4 - Lift-Assist™ Lithotomy Stirrups for gynae procedures, arm supports and tables, the lateral brace and our new Hip Fix™ for orthopaedics, to name but a few.

All of the QA4’s features and benefits are detailed in our new brochure, due out this Spring, or in the meantime, visit our website here or call your Regional Account Manager for more details. Alternatively, you can send us a message here and we'll get back to you.

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